“How the cookie Crumbls” – A Crumbl Cookies Review


Star Rating: 3.9 stars (out of five). See below for detailed scores.

Wichita Falls welcomed a new member to its already vibrant food business catalog, Crumbl Cookies, on Jan. 21. Established in 2017, the first Crumbl location opened its doors to the public in Logan, Utah. Wichita Falls has now joined the franchise list, and the city welcomed the gourmet chocolate chip cookie, snickerdoodle cupcake, biscoff lava and frozen hot chocolate-serving company with open arms.

When I walked in, the sweet aroma of cookies reminded me of stepping into Grandma’s kitchen. It was a pleasant smell that could be bottled up and sold at Bath and Body Works for $100, and I would be first in line. I took a deep breath and soaked it all in as I imagined how much better the smell would be without a mask on.

After two minutes, it was my turn to order. The cashier explained that they rotate four different specialty flavors every week. I purchased the milk chocolate chip and the snickerdoodle cupcake, which totaled $9.53 after taxes plus tips.

As I completed the purchase, the worker told me, I could watch them bake the cookies. I stood at the back corner and watched through the clear glass as an employee cracked eggs into a baking pan. It was great to see that the cookies were freshly made. Out of the entire experience, watching her crack the egg into the pan and mix the dough, as simple as it sounds, was my favorite part. I appreciate the art of baking, and I am glad they allowed me to be a part of the process.

My name was called and I grabbed my pink boxes. The presentation was fantastic! The boxes were beautiful; they looked like something you would wrap a Christmas gift in. Also, the cookies were perfectly placed and mouth-watering good to look at.

It was time to taste my first Crumbl cookie. I took my first bite and was immediately disappointed. The cookies were good, but it was nothing out of this world. I guess it had been hyped up so much I was expecting something made by angels. I returned to reality after a few bites; the cookies tasted great but nothing out of the ordinary.

In the end, it was a good experience. I enjoyed my time at Crumbl and look forward to going back sometime in the future.

Detailed Review:

  • Total – 3.9 (out of five)
    • Quality of food – 3.5
    • Presentation – 5
    • Service – 4
    • Cleanliness – 5
    • Value of money – 3.5