Sam’s Southern Eatery new restaurant in Wichita Falls

Justin Marquart

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Shrimp po’boy with fries on the side at Sam’s Southern Eatery on Oct. 29. Photo by Justin Marquart

After one Pioneer of Texas restaurant closes on Sept. 25 a new restaurant, Sam’s Southern Eatery, opens at that location, off of Southwest Pkwy on Oct. 25, serving sea food, po’boys, burgers, salads and chicken.

The restaurant still had that Pioneer feel to it because they still had those wooden booths with the  record players on the wall at each both.

I went there on a Sunday, church day, and the place was packed, there were no empty seats when I walked in. I went with a friend and we had to wait around two minutes.

The two appetizer plate with cheese sticks and fried mushrooms at Sam’s Southern Eatery on Oct. 29. Photo by Justin Marquart

To get an experience of eating at this restaurant I wanted to get the “full” effect. I ordered an appetizer, for $6, I could have gotten one appetizer but paying $1 more I was able to get two. I obviously got two: cheese sticks and fried mushrooms, with ranch and marinara sauce.

Both those options were good, nothing was left on the plate.

Then I ordered my entree, a crawfish po’boy with a side of fried okra. Sadly they were out of catfish that day so I got the shrimp.

When the food came out they gave me fries instead of okra. After letting them know they gave me the okra, telling me I could keep the fries too.

For the first time in a while I was not able to finish my meal, having to get a take-away container. My friend and I noticed that almost everyone in there was needing a container.

Side portion of fried okra at Sam’s Southern Eatery on Oct. 29. Photo by Justin Marquart

After talking to some of the friendly staff I found out that if I had ordered the 9 piece shrimp the chef would have given me 12 pieces.

My friend had the Philly cheese steak sandwich with fries and she said it too was delicious.

Rating | 8/10.

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