Restaurant review: The Catch will get you hooked

The Catch, a cajun-style restaurant, opened their doors about three weeks ago to serve customers and provide them with their mouth-watering meals. If you were to pass by and glance from the outside, you could see lines backed up to the streets and a good amount of people heading inside on the move for seafood. Just like these customers trying the new restaurant, I had to see what the hype was about.

I took the dine-in route because I wanted the whole experience. I believe that no one needs to tell me how the food tasted. It would speak for itself when the time came. As soon as I entered the restaurant, I walked into a spacious lobby. The interior of the restaurant had an array of light and dark shades of blue. Something about the shade of blue gave off a calming vibe. Looking at the families and everyday people like me, I could visually see the happiness on everyone’s faces. The restaurant’s decor resembled an area along the coast, different from anywhere else in Wichita Falls. After scoping out how the restaurant looked, I was ready to order a plate of food.

People line up at the counter to order at The Catch.
People line up at the counter to order at The Catch, Sept 22. (Shunde Hooks)

I want to take the time to point out that the cashier was very friendly and patient. The Catch has a massive menu of food items you can choose from. It was challenging to select because you see one thing, then another. You rack up a pretty big ticket when you decide on what you want, but the food is reasonably priced. I ordered a catfish and shrimp combo with a side of crab legs. They also offer free margaritas, another way to relax if that is something you’re into. After purchasing my meal, I was able to sit wherever I felt comfortable.

I brought a friend with me to share the experience. However, servers made sure we had everything we needed before we could start our conversation. Yes, the restaurant had servers which I enjoyed because it showed that this was not a “get your food and have at it” type of restaurant; they care about their service. This made me feel wanted in that particular place of business. I waited no longer than seven minutes. As I saw the server heading to the table, I could smell the dish that I ordered.  The crab legs were dipped in lemon pepper butter so well that they glistened.  The dish didn’t just look appetizing.  Everything tasted amazing, from the catfish to the shrimp to the corn, all fresh and warm, not anything too heavy on your stomach. The dinner meal was the one time I did not mind getting my hands dirty. Just a little side note, squeeze the lemon on your meal; it enhances the flavor for you. You will thank me later.

The fried shrimp and catfish combo is one of the offerings at The Catch restaurant.
The fried shrimp and catfish combo is one of the offerings at The Catch restaurant, Sept 22. (Shunde Hooks)

I want to say that the restaurant is a great new addition to the Wichita Falls community. It broadens our range of dining choices and allows us to step out of our comfort zone with what we eat. The restaurant reminds me of home, so it does earn a place in my heart. The only downside of the new addition to Wichita Falls dining options is that the lines are a bit longer than expected.  But once a costumer is lead to a table by the server, receives their food, and digs in, the taste is well worth the wait.

Shunde’s Rating: 4 out of 5