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Senior Goodbyes

Senior Goodbyes

May 26, 2023

Abigail Jones | mass communication graduate The best thing about college is that it's a time to try out everything you want to try. No, I don't mean drugs. I mean futures. You can be a biologist...

Editorial: add some method to your madness

April 28, 2023

It’s finals season again, and somehow  things are just as stressful as they’ve ever been. There may come a day when college students collectively feel prepared for the frenzied rush that is finals,...

According to AARP, nine states do not have an income tax. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Opinion: The unnecessary stress of Taxes

Joey Arthur, Entertainment Editor April 28, 2023

Tax day was on April 18 this year, and for many adults it was a very frantic and stressful Tuesday. On that strenuous day, I was on the phone with the Internal Revenue Service’s helpline in response...

Active vigilance can allow proper responses to legitimate threats in our lives, April 11.

Editorial: combating disaster apathy

April 14, 2023

Monday morning at Wichita Falls High School, a bomb threat brought an abrupt halt to the day and forced an evacuation of the school. Shortly thereafter, the Wichita Falls Fire Department swept and cleared...

If students are suffering from burnout, it can be helpful to know they are not alone, 2023.

Editoral 3/31/23

March 31, 2023

The journey that is college is filled with so much uncertainty. The average person graduates a different person than they were 4 years before and it’s begs the question of if the college experience assists...

If students are suffering from burnout, it can be helpful to know they are not alone, 2023.

Editorial: La universidad no debe ser solo trabajo

March 10, 2023

La mayoría de nosotros no estamos en la escuela sólo para divertirnos. Tenemos planes. Tenemos metas. Por lo menos, tenemos vagas esperanzas de que si terminamos la universidad podemos hacer algo que...

Many students experience senioritis as they near graduation, 2023.

Is “senioritis” just another word for burn-out?

Anne Akpabio, Managing Editor March 10, 2023

As my time in college ends, I wonder if my growing demotivation is due to senioritis or burn-out. Unlike its counterpart burn-out, senioritis is the colloquial condition only present in seniors in high...

If students are suffering from burnout, it can be helpful to know they are not alone, 2023.

College shouldn’t just be work

March 10, 2023

Most of us aren’t in school just for the fun of it. We’ve got plans. We’ve got goals. At the very least, we’ve got vague hopes that if we make it through college we can do something that makes...

Kindness can be both small and large and can make the world around you a better place, 2023.

Editorial: kindness is free

February 24, 2023

Kindness isn’t always easy, but it’s always appreciated - well, not really. Nor is it always a great sweeping act of magnanimity; much of the most effective kindness in the world comes from everyday...

Editorial: Newspapers are changing, but stories aren’t

Editorial: Newspapers are changing, but stories aren’t

February 10, 2023

Stories, for as variable of a concept as they are, don’t really change. Sure, there are millions if not billions of new stories created, recounted and even made up every day. Some of them are true and...

Opinion: Campus scooters are good, but safety is still a concern

Anne Akpabio February 10, 2023

On Oct. 4, " The E-scooter Micro Mobility Act" was passed 27 to 1 by the MSU Student Senate. The bill was designed as an eco-friendly solution to the transportation issues faced by the MSU student population....

Procrastination can be healthy in moderation, as it can allow one to relax from work, Jan. 27.

Editorial: Procrastination

The Wichitan Staff January 27, 2023

Depending on who you ask, it’s either the reason college students can function, or the trait that holds them back the most. Some students love it, some detest it and some have a love-hate relationship...

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