Too simple? – A Collective Coffee Review


Ryan Clayton

The exterior of Collective Coffee, May 16.

Collective Coffee & Community, the brainchild of three young and vibrant entrepreneurs, opened its first store location last month on the corner of Midwestern Parkway and Taft Boulevard.

The newcomer to the coffee scene in Wichita Falls started as a mobile cart after Mason Wilson, who is an MSU Alumna, Ryan Roberts and Patrick Kemp decided to serve the North Texas community with specialty coffee.

With the new location, the company will have the opportunity to serve in a different capacity and continue its growth to become a staple coffee house. I visited the new store for the first time, and I had a good experience.

The location is convenient, especially for a college student like me. It is within walking distance from the MSU campus. For students living on campus, you could walk to get a cup of coffee and make it back in reasonable time. On the other hand, for those who live off-campus, it is right on the way to school.

immediately when you walk in, the aroma is breathtaking. I can still smell what Collective Coffee was cooking (said in my best Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson impression).

The store was organized and clean. The employees were friendly and greeted me as I walked in. I looked around the room and saw at least 10 people on their computers, sipping their cups of coffee  and getting work done, while others laughed and engaged in conversation. The sight of people enjoying their stay, made me realize I was not alone. I was not the only person who felt welcomed.

The view provided by the glass window, facing Taft Boulevard and Midwestern Parkway, was beautiful. The window lit the room well. I could feel the rays of  sun giving me a warm embrace as I enjoyed the view of the tree groves ahead.

On the other hand, the interior design was simple, maybe too simple. I am still not sure what to make of it. If the owners intended to make it a simple space, it could be interpreted as a work of creative genius. However, if it was not intentional, then the interior design is bare and un-inspiring.

Before you throw your coffee mugs at me, ye lovers of simplicity (of which I am one), let me explain.

The interior furniture was excellent. I loved the wood finish on the shelves, tables and counters. However, what I did not understand was how bare the walls were. From the front of the store where I stood, there were only two guitars and a hanging banner with the company name written on it. The entire wall was one solid color and there was nothing visually stimulating about the space.

Also, when it was time to order, there was no menu board on the wall or above the ordering counter. Instead, I was offered a paper menu, which was a little odd for a coffee shop.

However, the background music stood out to me. The song choices were great for the environment. The music enhanced the experience instead of being a bother.

All in all, it was a good experience. The only things I would suggest adding are some form of drive-thru ordering and injecting some life into the interior walls and space. Apart from that, the employees were friendly, helpful and intentional with their service.

I enjoyed my small cup of coffee and will be back to get another one. There is a high chance that I will be writing my next article while sipping a cup of coffee at Collective Coffee & Community.

Star rating: 3.9 (out of 5)

Quality of food – 4

Presentation – 4

Service – 5

Interior and ext. design – 2

Ambiance – 3.5

Cleanliness – 4.5

Value for money – 4