My kingdom for a meal of crab

The little seafood restaurant on 3801 Call Field Road stands to fill a cajun spiced hole in our local eateries; however, you may need to ask the waitstaff to turn up the spice since the medium I ordered was extremely mild.

A clear hint of a messy meal to come. Photo by Jeri Moore.

We took a seat in booths to the right of the door and were quickly waited on. The waitress was polite and attentive throughout our entire time there. Not once did I run low on my drinks. I ordered a half-pound of blue crab with corn and potatoes while my dining companion ordered a half-pound of sausage. When the food arrived, the kitchen served my meal in the same bag as my dining companion. This may be a problem if a diner has an aversion to pork products.

After sorting out our order, we started our meal. The crab was tender, but the meat was difficult to get to. A seafood cracker is provided, however, the blue crab is so small that a steel fork is better suited to open the leg. Unfortunately, they only had plastic forks on hand so much of my food went to waste.

All problems aside, the food was good and the issues are easily fixed. I’d eat there again but I’ll be bringing my own fork next time.