Fazmoz: A taste of the Caribbean in the south

Jeri Moore, Business Manager

Fazmoz is a new addition to the Wichita Falls international food scene. Located at 2611 Plaza Pkwy, this new Carribean fare is a great way to think of warm and balmy places while the Texas weather toys with our seasonal sensibilities.

The Lyn’s Jerk Chicken Burger is a marinated and grilled chicken sandwich with cucumbers, tomatoes and sauteed onions served with volcanic onions rings. I thought the rings would be spicy but they weren’t. I’d agree to them being called bomb rings. The meal was rounded up with a few bottles of Ting. I can’t stand grapefruit, but I’m in love with this soda made from real grapefruit. At almost $4 a bottle, I couldn’t order too many refills. This whole meal had set me up for failure and I’ve gone back many times after.

Lyn’s Jerk Chicken Burger. Photo by Jeri Moore.

The second meal I highly recommend is the Curry Chicken. Granted, it’s hard to mess up curry, but this dish was exceptional. Wouldn’t change a thing other than having a hot and spicy version of it. Why? Because I like to punish myself. The meal was served in large portions still steaming from the kitchen by polite waitstaff who checked on my table regularly.

Fazmoz Curry Chicken. Photo by Jeri Moore.

The beginning of Fazmoz is that the owner was an MSU student who sold plates of food to students on campus. A student turned business owner kind of makes you wonder where we’ll all be in just a few short years.