New breakfast restaurant has potential

Brianna Sheen

Jimmy's Egg's traditional breakfast: bacon, home fries, three pancakes and two eggs made to order.
Jimmy’s Egg’s traditional breakfast: bacon, home fries, three pancakes and two eggs made to order.

Jimmy’s Egg is just one of the multiple restaurants opening up around Wichita Falls in recent months, but with its balanced mix of unique breakfast meals and southern staple foods, this restaurant has potential if it can overcome a few mild obstacles.

I went for a late breakfast on the restaurant’s opening day Feb. 2, and the place remained steadily packed for the entirety of my meal. The interior was well decorated, brightly lit and the atmosphere was friendly and peppy—exactly what I want when I’m going out for breakfast.

In addition to the booths and tables, there’s bar-top seating by the kitchen, which is where my group sat so we wouldn’t have to wait for a table.

We didn’t have to wait long for our waitress to stop by and service remained prompt and friendly the whole time we were there. Which, for the record, was about an hour. Because it was their opening day and the place was packed, I wasn’t too bothered by how long it took to get our food. Everybody on staff was working hard and I think the ticket time will improve with time and when the “brand-new-restaurant” rush subsides.

I ordered Jimmy’s Traditional Breakfast, a build-your-own breakfast plate. When the food finally came, I was satisfied but not blown away.

The turkey sausage and eggs were slightly below-average but the homemade, thick white toast was delicious, as were the grits.

I ordered basic breakfast staples since it was my first time at the restaurant and I wanted to see if they could master the simple items. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten one of the more unique menu items like the Biscuit Debris—buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy with melted cheese on top—which may have been more impressive.

My friend’s eggs, “cracked to order” as the restaurant called it, were not actually cooked to order, but the waitress made the correction instantly. Again, this might be attributed to opening-day growing pains, but our waitress brought out the right eggs so fast, we weren’t even bothered. Our bill came out to $18 for both our meals, which was certainly reasonable for the quality of the food.

I would make a return visit at least to try out some of Jimmy’s Egg’s more unique dishes. The menu also features lunch items like burgers and the restaurant is open until 2 p.m., so I would go back for lunch for curiosity’s sake.

New restaurants usually only get one chance to win over first-time customers so it’s important to make a good first impression. Jimmy’s Egg had a welcoming environment and decent food, but time will tell if their ticket times improve. Overall, I would come back at least once to try other items, but I don’t see myself becoming a frequent customer.

Jimmy’s Egg
2801 Midwestern Parkway Suite 300
(940) 285-5370
3 stars

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