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Olive the Other Reindeer released on Dec. 17, 1999.

Olive the Other Reindeer: a hidden gem

Gabbi Enriquez December 15, 2023

"Olive the Other Reindeer" is a heartwarming animated film that tells the story of Olive, a small dog played by the wonderful Drew Barrymore, who believes she is destined to be one of Santa's reindeer....

Elizabeth Lail, played by Vanessa Monroe, talks to Mike Schmidt, played by Josh Hutcherson. Oct. 27.

FNAF Review

Sabrina Harrison December 15, 2023

Blumhouse Productions released the highly-anticipated Five Nights at Freddy’s  movie on Oct. 27., 2023 to a variety of reactions and fan reception. The movie takes place in the early 2000s with...

Memento Mori follows Andy Fletchers death, marking the first Depeche Mode album without the core member, 2023. Photo courtesy of Columbia Records.

Depeche Mode confronts death in “Memento Mori”

Colin Stevenson, Photography Editor March 31, 2023

Since their formation in 1980, Depeche Mode has gone through many members, some of which who dealt with serious life issues along the way, and despite these, their music has remained surprisingly consistent...

Nigerian singer Tems covers Bob Marleys No Woman, No Cry in collaboration with Marvel to create hype for the upcoming Black Pather sequel, 2022. Photo courtesy of MARVEL.

Tems rendition of Bob Marley’s song, “No Woman, No Cry” is set to present Marvel with another Oscar

Joey Arthur, Reporter October 7, 2022

In anticipation of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” and to get fans excited for the sequel, Marvel released a teaser trailer which featured a rendition of a popular reggae song “No Woman, No Cry.”...

Cassie Howard, played by Sydney Sweeney, walks towards the stage to interrupt a play, 2022.

Enter into “EUPHORIA” season finale

Natalie Cook, Reporter March 11, 2022

Knowing that this is the last we will see of these characters until 2024 was bittersweet. The bitter part is the season finale left us with some huge cliffhangers… but on the sweet side, we all get a...

Batman stands belong his iconic car, showing its new design in The Batman, 2022.

“The Batman” knows it’s great but that’s not a negative

Joseph Nelson, Entertainment Editor March 11, 2022

An artist can’t help but create something great if they’re passionate about the art they produce.  “The Batman" tells its audience in nearly every frame, “I think I’m the best movie ever made.”...

Your character faces off against mighty legendary Pokémon in the story, such as Dialga, the Pokémon that controls time, Feb. 6. Screenshot by Colin Stevenson. Pokémon Legends: Arceus by Game Freak Co., Ltd.

“Pokémon Legends: Arceus” is the reboot Pokémon needed

Colin Stevenson, Photography Editor February 25, 2022

“Pokémon Legends: Arceus” is the breath of fresh air the series desperately needed. Game Freak, the developers of the main series, had stuck to their turn-based RPG system closely for many years now...

Zendaya plays recovering drug addict Rue Bennett in HBOs Euphoria, 2022. Courtesy of HBO Entertainment.

Enter into “EUPHORIA” season two part three

Natalie Cook, Reporter February 25, 2022

EPISODE 6: This episode is what I had been waiting for. After last week’s episode was mainly focused on Rue (Zendaya), we are finally getting some much-deserved answers. Like I have said before,...

Laurel Hell is Mitskis sixth album, released in the beginning of Febuary, this year, 2022. Courtesy of Dead Oceans.

“Laurel Hell” plays it safe in the best way possible

Samuel Koone, Managing Editor February 11, 2022

Mitski has come a long way from releasing her 2012 debut album as a student at the Purchase College music school in New York. Ten years, and four full length albums later, Mitski Miyawaki is a bona fide...

Zendaya stars as Rue Bennett in teen drama Euphoria, 2022. Courtesy of HBO Entertainment.

Enter into “EUPHORIA” season 2 part 2

Natalie Cook, Reporter February 11, 2022

"Euphoria" is the emotional rollercoaster that keeps on giving. Just when you think this show can’t get crazier, it does, usually in ways you don’t even see coming. These two episodes were a lot to...

Eric Alexandrakis new EP Good Girls Never Waltz With Me releases on February 1. Photo courtesy of Eric Alexandrakis.

Eric Alexandrakis’ New EP is Underdeveloped and Unfocused

Sam Koone, Managing Editor January 31, 2022

If you are unfamiliar with Eric Alexandrakis, I wouldn’t blame you.  Much of his discography consists of commercial releases for large companies, as well as frequent concept albums of spoken word amalgamated...

Dont Look Up is a satirical film acting as an allegory for response to climate change.

“Don’t Look Up” presents a story we may not want but one we might deserve

Joseph Nelson, Entertainment Editor January 28, 2022

“Don’t Look Up” is the most recent film from writer/director Adam McKay, boasting a star-studded cast, a premise ripe for social commentary, and a tendency to throw subtlety out the window for overly...

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