Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers food review

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Take out bag from Freddy’s and its contents.

Thin, crispy steakburgers, shoestring potatoes and frozen custard caused long lines in the drive-through outside of the restaurant. An employee stood outside handing out paper copies of the menu to waiting cars with a smile on her face. The Wichita, Kansas based company that went global found its way to 4002 Call Field Road in Wichita Falls and opened its doors on Nov. 19, 2019.

When we finally made it to the drive-through speaker we already knew what we wanted thanks to their thoughtful planning. One bacon and cheese double steakburger combo, one double steakburger California style combo and a Reeses concrete made it to our car in minutes and we were off. The order was all correct.

On our way home the car smelled like heaven. I clutched the little greasy bag to my heart, thinking about the new restaurant and whatever a custard may be. I was an excited custard virgin, ready for the experience. We were supposed to wait until we got home to eat but the shoestring potatoes called me. Maybe I hallucinated that part. I’m a potato fiend — a fry addict if you will. I had to stuff the bottom of my fry container for the picture.

The flat, crispy burgers weren’t quite what I had expected. It tasted as if the only seasoning to the meat was salt. I was sad, but they were new and it was their first day. Cooked to order food and busy lanes can easily make a new employee forget a step like that. But I can appreciate that the buttery little buns weren’t drenched in grease. I’m sure the seasoning issue will improve with time but almost $40 for two people is a bit much to make this a regular thing.

After my meal, I was finally able to try my dessert. The first time I would ever have custard. I took one bite and I became a little sad. It tasted like a McDonald’s soft serve with Reeses in it. Maybe I had built it up too much in my head, but now the question is, does Freddy’s custard taste like soft serve or does soft serve taste like custard? I may never know.