College shouldn’t just be work


Colin Stevenson

If students are suffering from burnout, it can be helpful to know they are not alone, 2023.

Most of us aren’t in school just for the fun of it. We’ve got plans. We’ve got goals. At the very least, we’ve got vague hopes that if we make it through college we can do something that makes money. It’s a tried and true college mindset. But sometimes, it gets a little too easy to get caught up in that idea that we’re just here to slog through classes and get handed a piece of paper several thousand dollars later. That’s when we stress too much – when we don’t see the goal, we only see the obstacles. It gets easy to feel burnt out and tired if we aren’t intentional about enjoying what we do.

One solution is to take a step back and ask yourself why you do what you’re doing. If you can focus on the reasons you chose to pursue your degree, it can make your time more enjoyable. And even more importantly, if you can rediscover the facets of your work that you find fun – the kind of things that sometimes get lost in the day-to-day bustle – it makes it easier to deal with the things that bog you down. Focusing on the positives of your college experience, the thrill of the things you’re good at and the challenge of the things you want to do can provide the positive energy you need to keep your head up. All you have to do is remember the things that make your work fun.