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Fazmoz: A taste of the Caribbean in the south

Fazmoz: A taste of the Caribbean in the south

Jeri Moore, Business Manager

February 3, 2020

Fazmoz is a new addition to the Wichita Falls international food scene. Located at 2611 Plaza Pkwy, this new Carribean fare is a great way to think of warm and balmy places while the Texas weather toys with our seasonal sensibilities. The Lyn's Jerk Chicken Burger is a marinated and grilled chicken...

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers food review

Take out bag from Freddy's and its contents.

Jeri Moore, Business Manager

December 4, 2019

Thin, crispy steakburgers, shoestring potatoes and frozen custard caused long lines in the drive-through outside of the restaurant. An employee stood outside handing out paper copies of the menu to waiting cars with a smile on her face. The Wichita, Kansas based company that went global found its way...

Firehouse Subs sets tastebuds ablaze

Firehouse Subs at 3201 Lawrence Rd STE 536 on Sept. 17.  Photo by Jeri Moore

Jeri Moore

October 4, 2017

Walking through the doors and into the bright yet cozy sandwich shop, potential customers will be greeted with a murmur of conversations ranging from astrophysics to car modifications. A chorus of energetic voices will rise above all others. "Welcome to Firehouse!", the Firehouse Subs employees said cheerfully. Th...

International Fair premieres to dwindling crowd

Luzmila Moreno, triple major in criminal justice, political science and spanish, joins members of the Midwestern Indian Students Association for a group dance at the International Fair music breakout session on March 29. Photo by Ethan Metcalf.

Ethan Metcalf

April 1, 2014

An entire day of cultural programming began on March 29, with the International Fair hosted by the department of Student Development and Orientation. About 40 students attended the fair to see the culture booths and presentations, but the majority of attendees left after the free food samples li...

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