Cycling Race Preview: Vuelta del Viento

Mark Campbell

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Cycling Race Preview: Vuelta del Viento from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

The MSU Cycling team is competing in it’s own Vuelta del Viento on April 11 and 12. The criterium portion of the event is held on campus.

“This upcoming race will consist of a road race, a team time trial and a criterium, which is basically a lapped race where you race for a given set of time and the first one to cross the finish line wins,” Cameron Lowrey, sophomore cyclist, said.

The other two portions of the event are held off campus.

“The road race and time trial, which are held on Saturday, they are held outside of Wichita Falls. That’s so it’s on a secluded road and we don’t have to worry about traffic,” Lowrey said.

Other universities will be competing from across the south central region of the nation. Teams will include Texas Tech, Tulane, OU, LSU and others.

“We actually have, probably the biggest and strongest team overall as well,” Lowrey said.

Since the race is taking place on campus, it’s the perfect opportunity for students to show their support.

“In my opinion, people ride a lot stronger when there’s support out there. I guess that’s for any given sport, the more people you have cheering you on, the better you do,” Lowrey said.

Lowrey said the ideal spot for fans to watch the 70-minute race is on Comanche trail in front of the Fain Hall sorority building, as that is the start and the finish line.

The on-campus race will start at 8am on Sunday and will lap around Comanche trail, Council drive, Caddo trail and Louis J. Rodriguez drive.

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