Social Workers All Together elevate for March

Social Workers All Together are kicking it in gear to raise awareness for Social Work Month with their theme Elevate.

“This is my second year in SWAT and I love the interactions between the students and the community. The reactions we get from the things we do to help makes me feel like I’m making a difference,” said Kalyn Johnson president of SWAT and social work Junior.

The anti-bullying campaign was their first event an was held March 5, at Rider High school and continued on March 8, at Iowa Park and Wichita Falls High School.

“With March being national social work month we have several events occurring, one that I am looking forward to having is the anti-bullying campaign. We will visit local high schools and junior highs and talk with the students about the effects of bullying and how they can pledge to end it,” said Caytlin Bronaugh secretary of SWAT and social work junior.

The Sikes Lake cleanup was a way to build support and “elevate” awareness with the community, on March 9 at Sikes Lake.Social work events

“I think people should know that the events we do are for the community. We want to build support with the Wichita Falls community and the social work students,” Johnson said.

The Social Work Symposium will be in Dillard Room 189 on March 29.

“I am most looking forward to the social work symposium. I am very excited about this years theme and I think our guest speakers will shed a lot of light on women empowerment,”Hailey Hall, social work junior said.

SWAT strives to not just help students but be involved with the community like attending zombie fest.

“Something I think people should know about SWAT is the passion the members have for not only the university and its students but also the community as a whole. We strive to help others in anyway whether it’s volunteering at a nursing homes, or participating in local activities such as Zombie Fest,” Bronaugh said.

SWAT has 35 female members and is still growing.

“People should know that SWAT is a an organization that is always looking for new ways to volunteer and serve our community. I wish more people would step up and engage themselves,” Hall said.

SWAT is a free organization the only time students pay for something is if a student wants to buy a shirt.