Sigma Nu warms up fundraising

Mia Heck

Until Friday Dec 8, Sigma Nu will be selling hot coffee and hot chocolate in the Clark Student Center to help raise money bring more positivity to their fraternity.

Members of Sigma Nu sell coffee and hot chocolate to raise funds Dec 6. Photo courtesy of Mia Heck.

“We are planning on hosting a philanthropy event where we bring bubble soccer to campus and the money raised today will help with that cost,” Leland Creel, business management junior, said. “We are selling hot chocolate and coffee for $1 each to raise funds for just to help us plan cool events for next semester like bubble soccer.”

After spending $40 on this fundraising event, Sigma Nu has raised approximately $20 over the last two days and hopes to raise a total of $150 by the end of the week.

“We all had to sign up to work a shift at the table, and so far everyone has done well at staying committed to their responsibility. I feel good about this fundraiser and our fraternity’s commitment to campus involvement,” Jesse Monreal, Sigma Nu’s president, said. “It helps us all feel like we’re are a part of something bigger and it’s always better for each of us to be more involved on campus anyways.”

Over the last five fall semesters, Sigma Nu has a GPA of 2.22 and was ranked last out of 14 Greek organizations in the Greek semester grade report during the 2016 fall semester.

“About five to six years ago, Sigma Nu had a bad batch of guys who just didn’t care. They never kept their grades up,” William Gibson, mechanical engineering junior, said. “We’ve been try to fix their wrong doings and be as involved as we can be. We’re back on campus, and out of probation”

At the end of the spring 2017 semester, Sigma Nu raised their GPA to a 3.1, bringing their rank up to fifth place.

“Sigma Nu as a whole was at risk because of our low GPA at one point and we were too close to being suspended,” Riley Carr, former Sigma Nu president and nursing junior, said. “We’ve really come up from our negative stigma in regards to grades and I’m to see everyone get more involved on campus now too.”

Monreal stated that Sigma Nu is striving to better its image on campus, especially in light of recent negative news that has been surrounding the Greek life stigma.

“We are trying to stand out to prove that going Greek is not a by choice, and that not all Greek organizations are toxic. Doing events like selling coffee is a simple act but it’s a wholesome act, and that makes it a win-win for both us, and Greek life,” Monreal said “I believe that it brings more positive attention to Greek life as whole and the Greek community needs that.”