Stang Gang tries to advance school spirit

Mark Campbell

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Stang Gang Tries to Advance School Spirit from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

In a crowd full of sit-down fans, there is one group whose mission is to promote school spirit: The Stang Gang.

“Stang Gang is an organization that promotes school spirit. We are starting up big time this year,” said Coleman Reidling, history sophomore, “I joined the Stang Gang because I’m really tired of people saying school spirit sucks and not doing anything about it. So I’m here and I want to do something about it.”

“We don’t have a big fan base, but we’re getting there. Sooner or later it will get bigger, but right now we’re just starting from scratch,” said Ian Thompson, sophomore special education.

The Stang Gang wants to bring new traditions to the school, but is having a hard time integrating them with the fans.

“I hope, like, my dream is that one day it will be a top D-II school for student sections, but that all starts with tradition,” Reidling said, “Whenever they called the lineup for the other team, it would look really cool if everyone held it (newspapers) up, but I know it probably looked really lame because not everyone did it. But I still thought it was pretty cool. I guess some people don’t enjoy going crazy, but if that’s the case, you shouldn’t be in the student section.”

Since the group only has 10 members, they do what they can to impact a game.

“I think we do make an impact on games. We try to get up and stand up. Because of all the families that were in our student section, we decided to move to the middle, which actually frustrated more people. We were booed out of our own section. Our own home section, we were booed out of,” Reidling said.

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