Academic workshops for success

Edward Grisham

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Academic Workshops For Success from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

For students, keeping up with school work can be one of the hardest things about college. Attempting to make the best grades while still having a social life can add extra stress to students lives. That is why the Counseling center is conducting a series of academic workshops to help students with deal with the stress of school. These workshops deal with topics such as time management and test anxiety are presented by the counselors in the Sundance meeting rooms. They are intended to help deal with the problems students experience by teaching academic strategies for success.

“I think it’s good that they are covering how to study and teaching them study habits because you don’t really learn how to study for three big tests in one week or how to write three big papers at one time.” Will Statham, Freshman Mechanical Engineering major, said.

These programs are a response from the counseling center based on the needs of the students presented by the MAP works survey taken last year.

“It was a combination of factors. One we looked at the MAP works survey that went out to all of the freshman last year. We really looked at the concerns that they said they were struggling with. In the past we have done a test anxiety a semester but we felt like one just wasn’t enough but test anxiety is an issue facing students and we felt like we needed to address those.” Reagan Foster, Counselor, said.

Students who participated in these workshops have enjoyed how helpful the programs were to them.

Coleman Rideling, Freshman History major, said “I have really enjoyed them. I have been to two of the last three. They have been very informative and very helpful.”

This series of academic workshops will begin again starting on October 1st.


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