Cafeteria meal plan prices increase

Edward Grisham

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Cafeteria meal plan prices increase from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

The  changes students will experience in their dining experience this semester goes beyond the menu options. The cost of going to school has increased and with it so has the price of the meal plans. Students living on campus who are required to purchase a meal plan will experience a slight increase in the cost this semester.

“The rates did go up slightly this year on the meal plan. I think it was right under 3 percent, around 2.7 percent or 2.8 percent increase. Which does not sound good and we don’t like going on rates when we don’t have to but the cost of food has gone up to Aramark,” Michael Mills, director of housing and dining services, said.

The Residence Hall Association members said they know that this increase is tough for students. As a result, they have created a committee to make students voices heard about cafeteria improvements.

Mills said, “We do have a food service committee and it is run through the RHA, the residence hall association. They meet with the dining staff with Aramark at least once a semester.”

There are alternatives to eating in the cafeteria. The Baptist Student Ministry holds a free lunch every Wednesday afternoon with people from local churches providing meals and giving students a chance to mingle.

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