The season for tornado watching

Buckle up folks! Tornado season is upon us! This means there may be more destruction caused towards you than what your ex did! Better hop on and jump on those trampolines before they get blown away and who knows when you’ll see them next. They may even go to the county that’s next to you! Head over to your local shopping store to buy a comfortable lawn chair, because you’re surely going to need it when you sit in your front and backyard. I’m talking to you Texas and Oklahoma. What other people think is the strangest thing in the world is actually normal to us.

We love watching tornadoes don’t we? If you one coming straight towards you, pick up your phone and take some pictures and videos like your life depends on it! Worst case scenario is that you get swept up and thrown hundreds of feet from your house! What else could go wrong? Actually guys, be safe. Don’t do anything stupid.

For those of you who are wanting to tornado watch, I recommend a Coleman Camping Chair. While it’s recommended for camping, the sun of a gun can also withstand some tornado watching! The $31.26 priced lawn chair on Amazon is sure to get the job done. This wonderful chair holds not one, not two, not three, but up to FOUR cans that are cold and easily accessible. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy what mother nature brings us the next couple months.