‘You’ season two: the stalking continues

Joe meets his match


Photo courtesy of IMBD.com

After a thrilling season one, the Netflix original You returned with a second season. The new season begins with Joe in Los Angeles where he plans on starting over and escaping his past. He is determined on changing his ways and doing things right with Love, the woman that has caught his eye.

At first, the viewer is led to believe of this fresh start only to later find that old habits die hard. With Joe not changing and once again being obsessively enamored by another, it is expected for the second season to be the same as the first with the exception of location and characters. But this season has a twist that is not expected with Joe finally meeting his match.

Season one was very well done and constantly had viewers at the edge of their seats. It seems impossible for season two to be just as exciting as the first, but it is able to accomplish it. In this season, the viewer learns more about Joe’s past as it haunts him, but in the end, he will have to come clean because it is only so long until the truth is revealed.