Mazzio’s buffet fills the stomach


Alyssa Mitchell

Pizza slices from Mazzio’s March 25. Photo by Alyssa Mitchell

I am not originally a fan of pizza, but Mazzio’s surprised me.

My boyfriend and I arrived at Mazzio’s March 25 to try it out for the first time. We were warmly welcomed at the door by a nice young lady and she helped us decide on the buffet. Mazzio’s has a variety of options from calzones to pasta so I wanted to try a little bit of everything.

The buffet cost me $11.95 after tax and it was well worth it.

Alyssa Mitchell
Salad from Mazzio’s March 25. Photo by Alyssa Mitchell

I started off my dinner with a nice salad consisting of lettuce, broccoli, cheese, ham bits, carrots, egg and croutons. The salad surprised me because while it was like I made it at home, the ingredients were really fresh. I didn’t have any wilted lettuce or bad veggies at all.

Moving on to the pizza; I had four small slices, one cheesy alfredo, one Canadian bacon, a spinach and alfredo and to end it I had a two meat slice.

The cheesy alfredo started the pizzas off right. I had just the right amount of sauce and cheese and they were combined perfectly. No one flavor overpowered the other and it had a nice crisp (but not burnt) crust. It almost tasted like alfredo pasta.

The Canadian bacon was your traditional type. It had marinara sauce and just the right amount of cheese, but it didn’t make me crave another piece.

The next piece I tried was the two meat. This pizza had me a little confused. I knew that one was sausage and the other looked like thinly sliced bacon but it did not taste like it. I was not thrilled about this pizza slice and stopped eating it very promptly.

Last but not least is the spinach alfredo pizza. This was my absolute favorite of the pizzas! The spinach competed fairly with the alfredo sauce and the nice thin crust, but the spinach was a little more flavorful than the sauce but I actually liked that.

To finish off my dinner I had two of the cinnamon sticks. They were fabulous and tasted like the gooiest piece of a cinnamon roll.

Alyssa Mitchell
The two meat, four cheese calzone at Mazzio’s March 25. Photo by Alyssa Mitchell

While I was munching on the pizza and cinnamon sticks, my boyfriend ordered a two meat, four cheese calzone. I tried a bite and the cheese just melted in mouth. It was seasoned to perfection and piping hot.

All in all, my Mazzio’s experience was satisfactory. The dinner had its ups and downs but it was worth the money and time spent. I left stuffed and happy.