Students attend ‘pizza and condoms’ with residence life, housing staff


Sky Barron

Madison Carrillo, social work freshman, Kaylie Roye, nursing freshman, and Savannah Lopez, social work freshman have a converstation while the Residence life and Housing Staff set up more tables on Feb. 27.

The Residence Life and Housing Staff hosted ‘Pizza and Condoms’ for students to learn more about safe sex on Feb. 27 in the Legacy Multipurpose Room.

To start off the event, Director and Coordinator of Title IX Rachael Fornof covered the topics of sexually transmitted disease, safe sex and consent.

Courtney Gore, education senior and assistant hall director, said Fornof made good points to students about staying safe, knowing the definitions and different ways students can consent to sexual activity.

After Fornof spoke with the students, they ate pizza and played a game of Kahoot, where she asked them questions about STDs, statistics, consent and definitions. The top three winners got to choose prizes.

“The main reason we hosted this event was to promote safe sex, because we know people are doing it so we might as well promote how to have safe and healthy sex. We also provided free condoms,” Gore said.

Catherine Martinez, psychology freshman, said this event was educational, and it is important for students to know about safe sex because not many know about how to consent. They need to be reminded of what it is and how it is used.

More than 60 students attended at the event, more than Gore said she expected. There were only six tables set up so the event staff had to set up four more tables. They also ran out of pizza for the students.

Madison Carrillo, social work freshman, said, “It’s important to know about safe sex because some people are not very educated. Coming to these types of events is very helpful. I learned that chlamydia is the most common STD in college students.”