Having a Title IX coordinator is a good thing

The Wichitan staff believes recruiting a Title IX coordinator was a good move made by administrators.

To streamline polices and procedures related to sexual harassment on campus, the board of regents approved the creation of the Title IX coordinator position August 2018.

These responsibilities were originally held in part by Matthew Park, dean of students.

University officials had originally planned to create the position on Sept.1 but administrators sped up the timeline due to last spring’s sexual assault forum. This forum caused some controversy and was a hot topic around campus.

With the isolation of the position, Rachael Fornof oversees preventative programing and the compliance of the Title IX procedures.

Fornof kicked off the fall semester with giving out “Consent is Mandatory” shirts on Consent Day, and having posters in the women’s and men’s restrooms with information pertaining to getting in touch with someone who can help with issues concerning Title IX. Fornof has also has held several preventative programming information sessions on related topics like domestic violence over the fall semester. According to Fornof, she wants students to be educated and excited about preventative programming.

The Wichitan staff believes Rachel Fornof is off to a great start as Title IX coordinator and is well-qualified for the job.

Fornof said, “There are two parts of my job one of them is student outreach and preventative programing and really getting in touch with students in terms of education and then there is the other part which is compliance and actually following through with reports that are made.”