Nightmare on 10th: a fearful fundraiser

Carissa Johnson

The Kappa Sigma fraternity fundraiser, Nightmare on 10th Street, has only been open one weekend. One weekend of clowns, ghouls, ghosts and serial killers.

But in that one weekend, the fraternity members raised more than $600, with 130 people visiting, for the groups scholarship fund — which was even more than the members expected.

“The house isn’t rainbows and unicorns. It’s scary, but not scary enough to give a middle schooler nightmares,” Ryan Armstrong, general business junior, said.

Sororities such as Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Sigma Kappa and Gamma Phi Beta will also be contributing to Nightmare on 10th Street. Every weekend, a different sorority will come help and support the chapter’s fundraiser. Each sorority will receive a free ticket inside the haunted house as well as an inside scoop of the fundraiser.

“Last weekend, Alpa Phi came out and supported us and got a free ticket inside the house. They helped us give out tickets and helped with leading the people inside the house. We all just hung out and had a blast,” Armstrong said.

Taylor Thornton, president of Kappa Sigma and business marketing junior, believes that Nightmare on 10th will benefit the newest members of the chapter as well. According to Thornton, the new members are introduced to fraternity fundraisers and the time it takes to plan and manage one.

“This year we had the idea of turning our lodge into a haunted house so we could give back to the community and also help our new members by having a project of their own, so they can get a feel of what being in a fraternity is all about,” Thornton said.

Not only is Nightmare on 10th Street a festive activity, but Kappa Sigma is contributing to the local food bank as well. The price to enter is $8, but each attendee is encouraged to bring 2-3 cans of food to receive a $3 discount on their ticket. After the final weekend, all cans brought throughout the month will be donated to the Wichita Falls Food Bank.

The leftover proceeds will be put away into the chapter’s endowment fund. Any active member is eligible to apply for  a scholarship through Kappa Sigma and receive the money for school. The chapter will also donate some profit to their main charity, the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

“Ideally, if the fundraiser goes well and if we get some feedback, we would love to do it again each year and just keep improving it one step at a time,” Thornton said.

When: Every Friday and Saturday in October

Where: 2400 10th St. Wichita Falls, Texas

Cost: $8 at the door, $5 with 2-3 canned goods

Time: 8 p.m. to midnight