New retail store to replace Hastings

Abby Jetton

Mississippi-based Dirt Cheap retail store will soon be making its way to Wichita Falls. Dirt Cheap will be taking the spot of the old Hastings location on Southwest Parkway.

Dirt Cheap website describes itself as a “bargainer’s paradise.”

The 18-year-old retail store is known for having private label and brand name merchandise for 30-90 percent off regular retail prices.

With the new store coming in, it is also bringing mixed reactions to the people of Wichita Falls.

Bekah Parker, former Hastings employee, said, “I don’t see the point in another retail store, I was hoping for something more fun and focused around entertainment for the community.”

One concern is that there are enough cheap retail shops already in the area. Some shops include Burlington, TJ Maxx, and Ross.

Melissa Conley, KMOC Christian music station employee, said, “We already have enough warehouse places like this.”

Other people were hoping for a similar entertainment store like Hastings to open up.

Ashley Toler, Sikes Senter mall employee, said, “I was hoping for a Movie Trading Company, or a Half Price Books.”

Hastings closed in Nov. 2016 due to the corporation filing for bankruptcy. Hastings was a Wichita Falls staple for about 20 years.

Some enjoyed the variation of movies, games and books Hastings had on display.

“The only movie place we have in town is Redbox and they have very little choices. If you want anything that’s older you’ll have to order it online,” Parker said.

There are even people who are excited for the new addition.

Jordyn Faukenberry, Kohl’s employee said, “I think it sounds really cool and I’m excited to see what they have to offer.”

According to a Twitter poll of mainly college students, more people would rather have something else come to Wichita Falls.

Twitter poll results