Third, final presidential candidate visits campus

Elascha Davila-Hicks

Nelsen visits campus as the third and final presidential candidate from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Robert Nelsen was the third and final presidential candidate to visit campus ending the presidential forums.

Audience members asked questions related to the topics on diversity, fundraising and faculty on campus.

As former president of the University of Texas-Pan American, Nelsen says, “We can create a safe environment here by looking out for each other. By being there for each other and by caring. One of the things that attracts me about this university is how much the faculty care about the students I’ve seen that.”

While emphasizing the importance of making Midwestern a destination campus and lowering retention rates. Nelson explains his vision of what a university really is.

“I think this is a wonderful opportunity and whether you choose me or somebody else remember how I began. A university is not its campus a university is not its facilities a university is you,” said Nelsen.

The final decision on who will replace retiring president Jesse Rogers expects to be made March 9.

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