Students discuss leadership at WeConnect

Elascha Davila-Hicks

weCONNECT leadership conference from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

About 140 students representing on campus and community organizations attended the third annual weCONNECT conference, providing them the opportunity to engage, to lead and to connect.

Students from Midwestern State, Tarleton State and the University of Central Oklahoma joined together to learn about leadership.

Jessica Pettitt, keynote speaker, said “It was interesting to note the sheered problems across different campuses and how closely the different leadership programs resemble each other.”

Though her presentation was comical she touched on key points such as social justice and diversity.

Participants said they enjoyed Pettitt’s humorous presentation.

“She was hilarious. She was awesome. She kept it fun and interesting,” Elizabeth Cisneros, workshop participant senior kinesology, said.

Alissa Jarvis, senior accounting participant, said, “It’s been going pretty good. She’s good at speaking. She’s funny. She’s cracking a lot of jokes. She has like really no boundaries she’s keeping it real.”

Ruby Arriaga, senior marketing participant, said, “She’s alright but it’s different from coming back from two conferences and then this one.”

Conference organizer, Kevin Bazner, assistant director of student development, said the conference was a success and he hopes the message was well received.

“I hope that students get at least some message that can go back to their organizations, residence halls and their communities and implement.  Whether that be a small message tomorrow or something that hits them a couple of weeks later,” Bazner said.

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