Campus emergency plan updated to secure campus

Elascha Davila-Hicks

MSU Emergency Plan Update from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.


It was a day like any other until the campus came screeching to a halt after news of a bomb threat swept from building to building.

“I just finished taking an exam I was walking out and I looked at my phone and I got an email saying that there was a bomb threat. I got a text message from a friend who used to go here and still get the alerts. I was pretty scared so i just got in my car and just wanted to get far away from the school as possible,” Vaneza Menjivar, business administration senior, said.

Since then administrators have been diligently working to protect students in case of another emergency situation.

“We’ve learned a lot of things,” Sgt. Albert Jimenes of campus police said. “One thing we wanted to get out to students and faculty when we were evacuating certain buildings they were heading over to other buildings. We learned how to adjust and maybe out somebody in front of the building with a vest on to say, ‘Hey this building is closed, everybody needs to evacuate.’ So little things like that. The way people were leaving campus on the city bus they weren’t aware of it. We need to find out a way to get them aware also because they weren’t in any of the buildings they were just waiting on a ride to get off campus so we are going to try to solve that problem.”

To ensure that problem doesn’t happen again campus administrators revised emergency evacuation procedures. However Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs, reminded students that they to have a role to play in executing the emergency plan.

“For students there are two things. One is be familiar with the emergency management brochure that’s on the police website that gives general tips. The other is just to follow the directions of the E2 campus bulletins or social media in the event of an evacuation,” said Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management.

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