Alumni invited to Fantasy of Lights

Savanah Campbell

Fantasy of Lights is back on campus and is inviting the MSU Alumni Association to come Dec. 8 for a free event at 5:30 pm. Alumni classes get the chance to look at the displays, go into the Hardin administration Building for hot cider, hot chocolate, sweet treats, and to get a picture made with Santa.

Leslee Ponder, director of alumni relations, said, “This is the first year we will be putting this event on, we hope to have a fun and successful turn out.”

The Fantasy of Lights is a free attraction for students and the community to attend to see a tradition that started with the Burns family that died and gave the displays to their hometown Archer City then MSU discovered them. Promising that whoever ended up with the displays would keep it a free event for the community.

Ponder said, “This is another event that gives the alumni a chance to reconnect with their classmates and family.”

This event also lets alumni see the new changes to the displays and how the campus is growing. The alumni are welcome to bring their families to visit Santa and to see the displays, ponder said; also having the opportunity to visit with students, the community and their alumni classmates.

Cory Battista, business freshman, said, “with having the alumni class come with their families Monday, this could also help raise donations for the Fantasy of Lights.”

There is a red box located in the drive through of the parking lot in front of the Fantasy of Lights that is available for people to drop in donations to help refurbish displays, pay for the electricity of the displays and anything else needed to upkeep the Fantasy of Lights.

Ponder said, “We could be starting a new tradition for the Fantasy of Lights event.”