New residence halls being planned

Cody Samples

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New Dorms from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

To help with the increasing numbers of students living on campus, architects met on campus this week to finalize plans for new residence halls.

“Looking at building an approximate 500-bed resident facility, it’s going to be a more true residence hall,” Michael Mills, director of housing and dining services, says.

The location of the new dorms will be close to some of the other resident halls on campus. What is now the parking lot behind Pierce, Killingsworth, Mccullough-trigg, and Fain Fine Arts.

“Unfortunately, the best location was that parking lot, and yes we take parking seriously,” Mills says.

The residence halls are funded through rental fees.

“The funding will come from student rent,” Mills says. “So all university housing if funded solely through rent. it doesn’t come from tuition and fees, it doesn’t come from any other fees that usually go into running the university. We’re strictly funded on our own rental revenue.”

Construction will start sometime late next spring and open up in August of 2016.

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