Tensions rise in Ukraine as Russia invades

Edward Grisham

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Tensions rise in Ukraine as Russia invades from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Civil unrest in Ukraine has led to increased tension in Eastern Europe.  In response to pro-western Europe protests in Ukraine, Russia has moved in troops in the Crimea peninsula in order to protect Russian nationals in the area. Ukrainian officials  believes that this land is theirs and called Russia’s actions an “act of aggression”. This show of force has bothered nations such as the United States and has increased the tension U.S.-Russia relations.

“I feel like the United States has a tendency to hop into other countries affairs to fast and get ourselves involved in things that we shouldn’t be involved in. Taking our peoples money and putting it in places where it shouldn’t be instead of here at home,” Jalal Elrosoul, freshman in exercise physiology, said.

For one student, this conflict hits close to home.

“I have family that lives in China so the fact that there are Americans that live in a country that doesn’t agree with America is kind of scary. So I hope that nothing comes out of it, like no war,” Ashley Brown, junior in nursing, said.

As time goes on, the world will wait to see if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the start of a larger conflict.

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