Students Gather for Safe Spring Break

miguel jaime

Safe Spring Break from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Spring break is just days away and students have the opportunity to learn how to stay safe during the week off. Several departments in the division of student affairs office hosted an informational event to encourage students to make better life decisions over the break. Preston Franks is a senior in psychology and took full advantage of this event.

“I came to learn how to be safe for spring break and for the free food,” Franks said.

Counseling Center Director Pam Midgett says she understands students want to enjoy themselves during their time off from school.

“Everybody wants to have fun during spring break and get together with friends and just enjoy not going to classes,” Midgett said.

Although spring break is a time for fun and relaxation, students may still find themselves in a dangerous situation.

“We also know sometimes students can choose to engage in some risky behavior away from campus, sometimes when people drink to excess or use drugs they’re less able to make good decisions about sex,” Midgett said.

During the event each sponsor held activities or gave take away items that were designed to educate students on ways they could be safe, while having fun. The free sobriety tests held by the police department helped educate students on how it feels to be intoxicated.

“The beer goggles was pretty cool, and it showed you what it’s like when you’re drunk or when you’re past the legal limit. It’s kind of pretty interesting,” Franks said.