11 students to travel on mission trips

Edward Grisham

This summer, the Baptist Student Ministry and Go Now missions will send 11 MSU students across the country on mission trips. The goal is to share the gospel in places that may not have heard the story of Jesus.

“I am going to Alaska to the Kenai peninsula to go salmon dip net fishing. There is a really strong stereotype against Christians there and we are going to try and break that stereotype,” Carly Steadham, freshman in social work, said.

Students will be traveling to places like Portland, Alaska, Canada and Arlington, Texas.

“Quebec has a population that is less than 1 percent evangelical Christian. There are a lot of people there that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ,” Kevin Paniagua, sophomore in exercise physiology, said.

Students at the BSM have a fundraising competition to provide the funds they need to go on these trips. Jar Wars is an annual event that separates guys and girls into teams to try and raise as much money as possible. This money is then sent to Go Now missions and is redistributed to the students across Texas.

“All the BSMs send the money they have raised to Go Now missions and then they redistribute that to the student missionaries,” Paniagua said. “My trip cost $1,650 but because of what Go Now missions expects to receive based on what the BSMs have set their goals to, they are only asking me to raise $985.”

Since 1946, more than 7,000 students have been sent around the world on mission trips. The BSM officials say they plan for the program to continue to grow.

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