C-SPAN bus stops at MSU

miguel jaime

C-Span Bus Tour from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

C-SPAN representatives rolled onto campus this month to help educate students on their cable network and resources. In its 20th year, the bus, which is a more than $1 million, contains hand-held electronic devices that help students learn more about government officials and their duties.

“The bus tour is an educational outreach tool that C-SPAN uses to get out of Washington and get into communities,” Steve Devoney, C-SPAN media specialist said.

The programs main goal is to help students and other viewers learn how to connect with their government officials. The program also focuses on the free interactive video library, which dates back to 1987.

“What you’re seeing when you look at those videos is exactly the way it aired with all of the graphics on the screen and everything else, so it’s just like you were watching it when it aired live,” Devoney said.

Students got to learn about tools on the website that help in the research process, as well as what C-SPAN covers and doesn’t cover.

“I didn’t know that the chambers were open for all the Senate meetings and the House of Representatives and that the Supreme Court meetings are still closed,” Olivia Whitley, a senior in international studies, said.

The C-SPAN bus travels across the country and left Wichita Falls for Lawrence, Kan.