A Tale of 2ComicNerds

Landry Russell

A Tale of 2ComicNerds from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

AJ Quevy and Lee Ginnings are two MSU students who enjoy comic books. Earlier this year, the decided to start a comic book review show on YouTube.

Lee Ginnings: “One day I was just sitting at home and I got a text from AJ and he was like ‘Hey bro. I had an idea for a YouTube show.’ And I mean we had tried some dumb YouTube stuff before, like just parodies of stuff. We got like 70 views was our max so he was like ‘Let’s review comic books on a show.’ And I was like ‘That’s a pretty good idea.’ So it just kind of started.”

AJ Quevy: “I love YouTube. I love creating videos and we love comic books too, like really passionately so we were like, let’s do that for YouTube.”

Ginnings: “We review quite a bit of certain series like Batman and Spider-Man. We really haven’t gone too far outside of just mainstream heroes because that’s what people are going to watch. They’re going to be like ‘Oh they did a review of Spider-Man number one.’ They’re not going to watch it if they’re like ‘Oh they did a review of Ash and the Army of Darkness number one.’ So we usually stick more to mainstream kind of stuff”

Quevy: “Well we’re not afraid to go out of mainstream as we’ve done in previous videos. It’s just, we try to – due to our schedules we can’t do too many videos in a week so we review the most anticipated comic for that week. That’s just because we’re in the comic community we understand that. Also, you know, an Iron Man movie’s coming out so we’re going to review an Iron Man comic. We just, we try to tailor it towards what we think is going to be the more anticipated video.”

In addition to reviews, 2comicnerds also do short comedic sketches and have a series where they play video games with commentary.

They have almost 800 subscribers and their most popular video has more than 3,000 views.