Students discuss history of Halloween

Edward Grisham

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The History of Halloween from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Americans spend $6 billion during Halloween, second only to Christmas. It is a time for trick-or-treating, monsters, and according to Jeremy Garcia, a Freshman undecidedo, “Witches”.

But what is Halloween all about? I asked students on campus their thoughts on the history of Halloween.

“Actually I really don’t much about the history of Halloween,” Chelsea Detau said, a freshman in sociology.

“I also notice that according to some rumors that is the closest the real world gets to the world of the dead. That’s just what I have heard from rumors and that’s about all I know historically about it,” Tanner Pearson said, a freshman in environmental science.

Allison Green, a freshman in education, said “I feel like the movies kind of portray it like the paranormal activity movies and the Disney movies portray it.”

“Witches and witchcraft. The Wicca’s the Wicca witches. That’s about it man.” Garcia said.

Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic tradition called Samhain. They believed on this day spirits walked the earth and to avoid them, the Celtic people would wear disguises. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III replaced the holiday of Samhain by making All Saints Day on the date of the ancient tradition. After other tweaks throughout history, Halloween has now become what we know as the night of fright.



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