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Question of the Week: Incoming freshman tuition raised by 2.2%

student smiling

Alana Earle, Reporter

February 21, 2019

As we all know, college can be expensive. I went and spoke with students this week about how they feel about MSU raising the incoming freshmen tuition by 2.2 percent. How do you feel about MSU raising incoming freshman tuition by 2.2%? Bianca Delgado, early education freshman | "I don't see a point in...

Admissions Office to host Mustangs Rally

Mustang Rally

Carli Woolsey, Reporter

November 1, 2018

Members of the Admissions Office are hosting Mustangs Rally to give prospective students a chance to experience college life by touring the campus and meeting with faculty, students and coaches. The event will be held in D.L. Ligon Coliseum Nov. 3 at 9 a.m. Gayonne Beavers, director of admissions...

Choosing a home away from home

Choosing a home away from home

Brianna Sheen

May 12, 2017

Coming to a college campus for the first time, especially as a first-time student, can be daunting. Just the notion of all the opportunity and freedom is enough to make anyone’s head spin. But with freedom comes responsibility, and one of the first tough decisions incoming students have to make is wher...

532 attend Mustangs Rally: ‘more successful than last year’s’

Haley Nolan, incoming nursing freshman, and mother Shawna Nolan, await for a tour of campus. Photo by Topher McGehee

Herbert McCullough

November 9, 2016

Approximately 532 high school and transfer students were given the opportunity visit MSU on Nov. 5 at Mustangs Rally, which is a semester event where incoming students, from high school or transfers from other colleges, are welcomed to visit campus and adjust themselves for the next school year. Thes...

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