Question of the Week: Incoming freshman tuition raised by 2.2%


Bridget Reilly

Undecided freshman Anna Kittelson answers the question of the week, Feb. 19. Photo by Bridget Reilly

As we all know, college can be expensive. I went and spoke with students this week about how they feel about MSU raising the incoming freshmen tuition by 2.2 percent.

How do you feel about MSU raising incoming freshman tuition by 2.2%?

Bianca Delgado, early education freshman | “I don’t see a point in raising tuition, I know they raise it every year but, why just freshmen? Wouldn’t they [freshmen] have the least amount of money to take from?”

Lindsay Sarabia, early education junior | “If the extra two point two percent is important for the development of the school then I don’t mind. Enhancing the school for future students is something I’ll never be upset about.”

Stephanie Saenz, continuing education | “My tuition when I started was at least three-thousand dollars less than it is for the average student now, my question back would be: Why are we raising the tuition for the incoming freshmen anyways? Who will it help?”

Paige Champagne, computer science freshman | “It’s ridiculous because we’re already paying so much for [an] education and there are so many problems at this school as it is, they don’t seem motivated to fix them. I feel like MSU doesn’t actually care about our education and they’re just in it for the money.”

Vickeh Callaway, psychology junior | “MSU is a great school (for the most part) and I think the freshmen tuition increase is going to hurt them more than help them.”

Elena Morales, history sophomore | “As a freshman this past Fall, I thought tuition was high enough, why do we need a two percent raise?”

Isiah Contreras, kinesiology junior | “I hope we don’t see a trend in this much of an increase. I think most students choose MSU for the fact that it’s one of the cheapest schools in the state, what if we lose more students over the increases?”

Dillon Pineda, exercise physiology senior | “If they use it [the raise] to better the school, I guess I’m all for it, it just sucks for the freshmen. Hopefully, it’ll be used to help the school and diminish some issues on campus.”

Anna Kittelson, undecided freshman | “I agree with Dillion, if it helps the school then, that’s great. But, if not then, why raise the cost? Most people come here because the cost is much lower than other schools.”

Sophia Selene, marketing senior | “I can understand a little increase, maybe by a percent, but this two, almost three percent increase will be about eight hundred to over a thousand dollars. I don’t think most college students supporting themselves have another grand to drop on tuition costs.”

Elise Durango, pre-dental freshman | “I personally chose MSU because I would able to earn my degree for less than A&M Commerce or a big school, now I feel that anyone coming to MSU will have even more of a choice to make, even if it is just another grand increase.”