‘You’ shows a different perspective on stalking


Photo courtesy of IMBD.com

The Netflix series You is based on the novels written by Caroline Kepnes. It is a story that follows Joe who is a charming man that will go to any lengths to become part of the lives of those he loves. The first season revolves around the events within the first novel which focuses on Joe’s love for Genivere Beck.

This thriller puts its viewers into a false sense of security by disguising itself as a regular romance that begins rocky but ultimately ends with both leads living happily ever after. As the episodes progress, it becomes apparent that it is not a romance, but rather an obsession. 

You takes a different approach at the suspense by being in the perspective of the culprit rather than the victim. This new perspective allows the viewers to see the reasoning behind the offenses created by Joe and how he goes about committing them.

Although the series is a thriller there are many moments of comedy and romance making it appealing to a wide audience. The mixture of genres is also a characterization of the main character who on the surface seems normal, but in reality, it is far from it.