Weekend blaze detroys tennis center courts


Mica Victorian

Women Tennis players play with pups after the game on March 30 on tennis center courts.

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Tennis center courts were up in flames as women tennis players battled against Arkansa Ft Smith March 30. The final match left women tennis 6-1.

Despite frost-bitten hands and cutting wind the women’s tennis players did not let cold temperatures affect their game.

During the first doubles match the court heated up with women tennis players taking off their jackets and playing in only shorts and a t-shirt in 46 degree weather. On lookers wrapped in blankets fought hard winds as they watched as the players turn into gladiators by the end of the first match.

Doubles played by Ashley Ramirez and Bianca Duff verses Arkansas Bianca Koen and Samantha Wong ended with them taking the win. The first doubles match was lost but the remaining matches were all won by the women tennis. Coaching from the side lines was Scott Linn.

Linn said, “Conditions were tough, but they fought through. They came with good positive energy and you cannot tell the conditions impacted us at all. Both the women and men did awesome.”
Only a few people came out to support the tennis match, the bleachers were cold empty slabs of metal. Some people were seen walking back and forth to their vehicles to stay warm.

Even in high wind Juliette Mary, general business junior, won her singles match.

Mary said, “It was a good win. It was windy but we stayed together and enjoyed playing.”

Although, the weather may have played a role in whether people came out to watch the tennis match or not the women tennis came with their game faces on. There were awkward moments explained Leaha Cizeron, global studies junior, she transferred from Arkansas Ft. Smith.

“It was a pretty awkward situation since it was my former school, but I did good. I didn’t know what to expect but it was a good win and life goes on,” Cizeron said.

Womens tennis players celebrate their victory after matches by playing with two furry pups on the side lines.