Wellness center offers personal training for everyone


Cortney Wood

About 850 people workout at Wellness Center throughout the week days during the fall and spring semester. Photo by Cortney Wood

Recreational Sports and Wellness Center is now providing one-on-one sessions to work with a personal trainer including a paid service.

The personal training has different packages offered, varying in prices. Package one starts off with $20 flat fee and one assessment. Package two is $25 per session with 5-9 sessions. Package three is $22 per session with 10-14 sessions. Package 4 is $20 per session with 15+ sessions.

Training sessions expire one year from the date of purchase and non-refundable and non-transferable. Sessions must be cancelled in 24 hours in advance and health histories will be updated yearly.To pay for your package go to the wellness center administrative office Monday through Friday.

Prior to personal training all participants must complete the medical history and consent forms. Once you have completed and turned in your paperwork, you’ll get paired with a personal trainer based on availability and matching your goals to the trainer’s strength.

Angie Reay, director of Recreational Sports and Wellness center, has big plans for this program. “Dr. Wyatt and I collaborated with creating this program trying to reach out for demand from faculty and staff wanting a personalized workout program.”

Reay explains the program is attended to reach a specific individual goals with the trainers tailoring the workout for that person.

“There’s currently six people signed up and one more person that registered that hasn’t been put in the system yet.” Reay says. “However, the number is growing and there’s more people expected to sign up.”

Imani Morlock, kinesiology junior, didn’t know this program was created. Morlock isn’t going to work with the personal trainer because it’s not free and she’s already doing fine with her own work outs and doesn’t need personal training.

Morlock feels like the prices aren’t fair saying “For a college student who doesn’t have a job it’s kind of expensive but if was anyone else than I guess it’s fair.”

Ashley Robinson, business senior, didn’t know about this program neither but was interested after hearing information about it.

Robinson says “My money is a little tight right now so I don’t know if I can afford it at the moment but I would like to do it later on this semester.”