Cycling team ends its season with a victory

Erin Wrinkle

Tony Baca dropping into the first descent in the Men’s XC race.

The weekend of Nov. 4, the cycling team wrapped up its mountain bike season successfully.

Tony Baca, a cycling team member, received first place in the Men’s A Mountain Bike Conference Championship.

Baca said he is also focused on winning the Collegiate Nationals.

“I also want to help new members on the team grow as cyclists, such as my beautiful girlfriend,” Baca said.

According to the cycling team’s president, Caden Burross the team will start their road season in January.

Robert Clark, vice president of administration and institutional effectiveness, said he is very proud of the team and its accomplishments.

Clark recalls when MSU hosted its first collegiate race on March 23, 1990.

Since then, the team has earned many awards.

“We are leading the conference right now and we’ve won four years in a row,” Clark said.

The team was ranked No. 2 in the nation in September.

Cycling director Charlie Zamastil said he is looking forward to strengthening and motivating his team.

Zamastil said he wants to strengthen his players by having them race against each other during practices.

“You get better by racing good competition and we are our best competition,” Zamastil said.

Zamastil said he also looks forward to getting out there and riding with his team.

“It’s always fun to beat your coach,” he said.

As of this semester MSU has the first official cycling minor in the country.

Clark said he is hoping that it will develop into a cycling major.

Also new to MSU this fall is the cycling facility.

According to Clark, MSU was also the first college to provide scholarships to cyclists.

One of the donors of scholarships is the Hotter ‘N Hell organization.

“We also have a grant from Hotter N Hell that is matched by Midwestern to start the MSU/Hotter N Hell Cycling Performance Center,” Clark said.

Cyclists at MSU also receive scholarships from other sources.

Junior cyclist Ashley Weaver received the Megan Baab Memorial scholarship this year.

The scholarship is placed in memory of Baab, whose life was cut short when a truck driver hit her when she was riding her bike.

“I had to write an essay about what riding my bike means to me and how it has changed my life,” Weaver said.

MSU’s cycling team continues to keep growing Clark said about the 25-member team.

Both Clark and Zamastil said the cycling team is always looking for new members, experienced or not.

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