Student enrollment, feedback dictate dining options

Alex Morgan-Anderson, general business sophomore, and Robbie Carper, nursing sophomore, enjoy their lunch in Mesquite Dining Hall on Oct. 19. Photo by Craig Tidmore

Looking at the hours of operation for dining options on campus seem to offer a wide range during the week. The weekend options however dwindle down to just to the Mesquite Dining Hall. Open on select hours on Saturday and Sunday, food options on campus are limited to one location.

“It would be nice to have something other than eggs all day,” Alex Morgan-Anderson, general business sophomore, said.

Morgan-Anderson said eggs seems to be the only constant each day. He wishes there were would be more options available on the weekend and thinks that Burrito Bowl would be a good place to start.

“Burrito Bowl should be open seven days a week,” Morgan-Anderson said. “It allows you to be creative with your food.”

The food options that are available are organized by Chartwells, a food service contractor that provides food to campus across the nation. The hours available are collaborative effort according to Mueen Patankar, dining services director.

“Hours of operations are a collaboration between the campus and Chartwells, but it is mostly dictated by students,” Patankar said.

They take feedback into consideration ever semester from students. Patankar said the opinions and voices from the students help them determine what changes are need to be made for the following semester. Cost might be the first thing that comes to mind as to way there are less options available on the weekend but that is not the case according to Patankar. The number of enrolled students strongly hinders what options are available to those that live on campus.

“I understand that it is student based,” Robbie Carper, nursing sophomore, said.

Patankar was not able to make a decision on whether Chick-fil-A or Burrito Bowl could potentially open on weekends in the future. It would have to be something that they would have to look at overall said Patankar.

Patankar encourages students to voice their opinion on what options they would like to see open. Because of the feedback, said Patankar, he gets from students is what allows for the hours to be adjusted to help better student life here on campus. A perfect example for this semester Patankar said is the Concierge at Legacy Hall.

“Because we heard and listen to students, Legacy is now open seven days a week compared to five days last semester,” Patankar said.

Ways to contact Chartwells:

  • Chatback Text Line | (940) 217-2919
  • @MSUChartwells on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook
  • Contact Dining Services
    • Mueen Patankar, director dining services | (940) 397 – 4203
    • Brandi Medellin,  assistant director of dining | (940) 397 – 4959
    • Cody Spoon, executive chef |  (940) 397 – 4968
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