Take safety into your own hands

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OUR VIEW: Lock your doors, download the MSU Safety app and travel in pairs.

In light sexual assault awareness month many events discussing how to remain safe on campus have presented themselves. There are many ways to remain safe on a college campus, but locking dorm rooms, always walking with a friend and using the MSU Safety app are the easiest ways to safe.

While loathing carrying around keys and the time it takes to unlock a door, locking dorm rooms are the easiest way to make sure that no one unwanted enters. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, forcible sex offenses on college campuses have been rising. While most people make it a point to stay in pairs at parties and only drink from a beverage they have poured, the hassle of locking a dorm room might sound frivolous. However, keeping dorm rooms locked prevent unwanted visitors, and offer a higher security from theft.   

The buddy system might bring flashbacks to elementary school field trips, but they do serve a purpose. According to Campus Safety 50 percent of sexual assault cases involve someone intoxicated, and walking alone raises vulnerability. Although during exam week after a late night studying walking back from the library alone might be the only option, but that is where the MSU Safety App comes in.

This app is open for all students to download and is user friendly. Using services like Mobile Blue Walk, Friend Walk, Safety Toolbox, Emergency Plans and Support Services preprogrammed for MSU student use. While controlling the environment is nearly impossible, this app allows you access to an arsenal of items quickly.

These three simple things should be used by all students, and while they might not prevent a sexual assault they will lower the chances. Avoid becoming a victim and take your safety into your own hands.


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