Construction should help, not harm

The Wichitan

With the construction of the new dorm, mass communication building and turf fields, the rise in construction workers and their equipment is inevitable. Sections of parking lots have been closed or blocked off, and gates have been put up around what used to be easily accessible sidewalks.

Students pay for parking. While our passes may not be as expensive as other universities, we do still pay to park and are fined for not having a decal, yet construction workers seem to have free reign over our now diminishing lots. 

The constant construction vehicles on Mustangs Walk are an eyesore and will ruin our brand new walkway. 

The construction crew has tried different tactics to block off the working area of the new mass communication building, each attempt worse than the last. The corner of Nocona Trail and Teepee Drive is an accident-prone area. It is nearly impossible for out-coming traffic to see around the corner of Teepee and students are forced to jaywalk. A horrible combination.

The inconsistent parking rules, the disrespect to newly-built university property, and the disregard for safety is unacceptable. Enforce parking rules for everyone, including temporary workers. Make safe crosswalk areas near construction sites. Don’t sacrifice safety or policy in the chaos of construction.