Few students participate in in presidential forums

Mark Campbell

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Presidential Forums have low student participation from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Of the 5,193 undergraduate students, only about 45 chose to attend the three open forums for the next university president.

“There was an average of about 15 students at each one,” Jesse Brown, student member of the board of regents, said, “I don’t think that most students understand the enormity of what is about to happen. We have not changed presidents in the past 14 years. I do not think the students understand the weight of their voice with the faculty administration. Students don’t think they’ll be heard, when in reality they will be heard. And administration takes deeply into consideration what students have to say.”

Presidential candidate Andrew Rogerson said he was pleased with the small turnout. He said at the other schools he’s been to that held open forums, only a max of two students showed up, as opposed to MSU’s 15.

“I’m upset about the low numbers, obviously,” Brown said, “But I am excited about the quality of questions that the students were present asked.”

Brown said he hoped more Greeks and student athletes showed up to the forums.

“We’re talking about building a new football stadium on campus. Depending on which president we go with what their views are for an on campus stadium will affect athletics. I wish they were more vocal and attended more things.”

The search committee narrowed the 53 candidates to three and met on March 9 to decide the finalist— Suzanne Shipley.


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