IHOP celebrates 10th National Pancake Day

Treston Lacy

IHOP held its 10th celebration of National Pancake Day on March 3 with a goal of raising $3.5 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

“I went to IHOP three times yesterday, but I didn’t know that the cause is to donate to charities,” said Alonzo Burris, athletic training freshman.

IHOP declares one day out of each year since 2006 to give out a free three stack of pancakes as incentive for customers to donate to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In the past decade, IHOP has raised more than $16 million, of which 10 percent goes to administration according to charitynavigator.org.

“I enjoy the free stack of pancakes I get every year. I just started donating two years ago and I feel great every time. I donate $5 every year,” said Ashley Williams, nursing freshman.

IHOP had a full house waiting yesterday for the free stack of pancakes at the IHOP on Southwest Parkway.

A group of eight students waited for a hour just to be seated and left a total of $23, said Rogilo Alcata, general manager of IHOP.

“Most of our customers came from the MSU campus, and we raised $3,226 for our community charities,” Alcata said.