Student officials request bus route expansion

Elascha Davila-Hicks

Mustang bus route planning to expand from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

The Mustang bus route provides service to the university community. Now, administrators like Matthew Park, dean of students, are planning to expand that service. While some students enjoy the freedom of having their own transportation others patiently wait for public transportation.

“I’m very dependent, as much as I hate to admit, on others for my rides and things like shopping for my own food or for going to restaurants for anywhere really that I go. There’s only so much time that I have to get everything done and then I have to go home if I miss that bus, I miss that bus for an hour,” Uri Easter, computer science senior, said.

Although attempts have been made to address this issue, in the past by previous students, nothing changed. SGA senator Jaylon Williams, nursing freshman, believes raising awareness will help see this version of expansion through.

“We are doing a petition we’re asking people what they think about it and getting signatures to get people to back our ideas. My culture committee chair, Marcos Torres, and I got on the bus and when people would come on the bus we would ask them, would you like to see an increased route for the buses that’ll run on weekends and to more places? Just looking at the comments they would write with their signatures it’s like this is a great idea, desperately need, we really need this. For the people who didn’t want to sign it their whole mentality was we’ve been trying to do this for years and nothing has happened,” Williams said.

Dean of Students Matthew Park said he agrees with Williams, that students living both on and off campus stand to benefit from the proposed changes.

“The resident students have started requesting such services in addition to our international population. Through our freshman SGA senators and the campus culture committee they’re talking about how as resident students particularly for the freshman and sophomores living in the residents halls how it would be great to have that service which would be great to have that service which would add a less emphasis for new students to have to bring a car to campus,” Matthew Park, dean of students, said.

Park will meet with the city of Wichita Falls on Feb. 17 to establish a weekend route with a possible pilot run starting this April.

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