Officials sign new dining hall contract

Harley Warrick

After 19 years of business with Aramark, administrators have decided not to renew Aramark’s contact with the company. The Food Service Committee has recommended Chartwells to the Board of Regents.

“We (Housing and Dining Services) were looking for a provider that was going to bring a reasonable cost for our current students,” Angie Reay, associate director of housing and dining, said.

If this recommendation is accepted by the Board of Regents, there will be an expansion to the Mesquite Dining Hall to make room for new students and amenities. The recommendations expand the dinning hall to what is now the Arrowhead Commuter Lounge and further into the Shawnee Theatre.

There will also be new dining options at the Sundance Food Court, the library, and in the new residence hall.

“With any kind of contract, we always have a Food Service Committee and so if students have concerns about food during the contract that we enter into or anything like that, they are more than welcome to meet with that committee,” Reay said.

Even though nothing is finalized yet, Housing and Dining Services expecting that students will be happy with the final terms of the contract and the new options it will offer.