Dead week would help students

Ethan Metcalf

Our view: It seems odd that MSU has no dead period before finals. Students can use the time to study or at least relax before finals.

As MSU students we should celebrate what makes our school unique, but we should also make it known when there is a national trend that we should join, like dead week.

Dead week, or even dead day at some schools, is a period where no classes meet so students have some extra time to prepare for the litany of exams during finals week.

Much like instituting a fall break, we think most students would be happy to start the semester a few days early to free up time for a dead period.

That being said, a short dead period would be even more welcome given the lack of any other breaks in the dreadfully long fall semester.

Of course, many would only procrastinate more during the dead period, but even if those students never crack open their textbooks, the short, stress-reducing breathing period would likely result in better performance on finals anyway.